Womenade of Greater Squamscott


Here are a few examples of how Womenade was able to help out recently …

Woman in Exeter. The exact amount requested was $625.00 to cover a mobile scooter ramp with side rails. The client had a scooter, but was unable to get it out of the house, because of two steps at the entrance. She needed a ramp, and had checked vendors. Unfortunately, Rockingham Community Action discontinued the fix-it program, and she couldn't get money from the Town of Exeter; and portable ramps are not covered by Medicare.

We provided $625 toward building the ramp.


Kerosene heat for a family in Exeter. Father has a chronic pulmonary disorder and is oxygen dependent. The family had applied for fuel assistance. They are slightly over income for Medicaid and owe so much money to the hospital that he couldn't see his physicians.

The validator requested $545.35 to fill their tank.

We paid the oil company and their tank was filled.


Grandmother taking care of her daughter and grandson. They receive WIC and food stamps. Grandmother had been out of work for 5 months and was behind on rent and car payments. The validator relayed her client was on the verge of serious depression and was asking for help for the first time in her life.

We paid the landlord $500 toward her rent.


Family had experienced a suicide and the guardian/grandmother and child needed to move to new housing in Manchester. The child has autism. Because they were in the process of moving, Manchester would not assist them yet, and the family has no current funds (the relative had emptied the bank account shortly before his death). They had received some assistance for food and gas cards from CAP and had been able to provide some support for the moving truck and food supplies. The rent is 975.00 for the month, and welfare had agreed to cover 400.00 of the security deposit.

We shared this request with Portsmouth Womenaid and provided $250 toward their rent.


This gentleman has myriad health issues including dementia. In the process of coping with this, his bank account became overdrawn and the money he was saving for his September rent was taken for bank fees. If he was unable pay his current rent he would have most likely lost his home. He had no family aside from a sister with whom he rarely communicates. He was unable to receive assistance from town welfare.

Along with Portsmouth Womenaid we provided $250 toward rent.

"It is nice to know that there are others out there willing to make a difference in someone else's life."
A Pastor

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